Air Intake Filters For Blowers

Air Intake Filters For Blowers provide maximum airflow and are still able to generate high-efficiency dust retention.



Air Intake Filters for Blowers:


Anamika Filters manufactures and supplies an ever-expanding line of Air-Filter and replacement of Air-filter elements for most OEM equipment.

Air Intake Filters are carefully designed and engineered to meet and exceed all demanding specifications. All 10 micron felt components offer excellent permeability from 120 to 150 ft3/min per ½ in p.w. They provide maximum airflow and are still able to generate high efficiency dust retention.

With their robust construction, combined with robust 10-micron high-efficiency felts, our intake filters are designed to withstand the pressure of your high-power vacuum system. The polyester felt is folded between two layers of epoxy coated wire mesh to prevent folds from settling under high pressures and to ensure a constant airflow.

The nucleus and medium are then sealed at both ends with a thick urethane compound and integrated sealing lips.


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