Air Intake Silencers For Compressors


Air Intake Silencers for Compressors:

Anamika filters offer you a wide range of Intake silencer for your compressors that makes them quietly efficient. The Anamika Filter air compressor silencer is perfect for residential or commercial use with 99%+ removal efficiency standard up to 2 microns.

Fully drawn weatherhood offers you no welds to rust or vibrate apart, and with the tubular silencing design, the tube is positioned to maximize attenuation and air flow while minimizing pressure drop.

Anamika intake silencers are built with Durable carbon steel with powder coated finish, it also has interchangeable and low-pressure elements central drop support and output pipe design. This intake silencer helps you with typical noise reduction up to 15dB.


We also offer Spare Filter Element Panel Type. To know more click here.