Cartridge Filters




Cartridge Filters


Thanks to the team of highly experienced professionals Anamika Filters are able to manufacture and supply high quality Cartridge filters. Our products designed and manufactured with utmost precision using superior-quality components and innovative technique by our experts.

Cartridge filters are simple modular filters inserted into a housing and it can be used to remove particles or chemicals from the water. Cartridge filters can comprise of a number of materials. In other words a cartridge filter is a piece of tubular filtration equipment that can be used across various industries for filtration requirements. A cartridge is encased within a casing and used to remove unwanted particles, chemicals, and pollutants from liquids. As the liquid flows inside the housing and passes through the filter element, the cartridge is exposed to water, liquid or solvent that needs filtration. Cartridge filters can also remove submicron particulates.


Applications of Cartridge Filters

Pool water filtration


Inks, Paints and speciality coatings

Pharmaceutical Applications

Oil removal and particle filtration in refineries and petrochemicals

Liquid filtration in the food and beverage industry

Refineries and Petro-Chemicals

Industrial water filtration

Electroplating chemical filtration

Cosmetics and personal care

Incoming process water filtration

Wine Clarification


Self-cleaning and Pre-Filtration to RO


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