Oil Mist Arrestor



Oil Mist Arrestor


Thanks to the team of highly experienced professionals Anamika Filters are able to manufacture and supply high quality Oil Mist Arrestor. Our products are designed and manufactured with utmost precision using superior-quality components and innovative techniques by our experts.

Lube oil Reservoirs of Rotating machines (such as Gas or Steam Turbines, gearboxes, Compressors, Diesel Engines) release airflow, containing a high concentration of oil mist, that needs to be evacuated to the Atmosphere. An oil mist arrestor is used to remove the oil mist from the air.

The system fulfils the most strict environmental specifications. The emission quantity of oil mist is less than 5mg/M3. It s Cost Saving. Within a year, thousands of litres of oil can be lost by the machinery. “LWC separator systems” allow recovered oil to normally return to the system. The system has a mechanical self-regulating valve, of property design, which compensates the variation of the pressure loss of the system, keeping the same starting value of the vacuum in the tank. Therefore, no extra adjustments are required after start-up.

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